The only browser integration that helps you enjoy the food you purchased online before it goes bad.

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How it works

We help you track the real expiration date from the amazing produces you bought online, and support you in making delicious meals from produces you already have rather than buying new ones you might not use. You can customize every step of the process to help us provide you with the right experience for you.


Savvy is the perfect tool for you if...

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Farmers Market Organic've already purchased food online

Keep track of your online grocery purchases thanks to our browser integration've already thrown out food from your fridge directly to the bin

Get a reminder when critical food items are close to their expiration date've already wished quality food was more accessible

Save up to $1,188 per year while sparing the planet


Why we're here

🧨 Food waste emits more than the CO2 emissions of India

annually that's going directly to the bin in the US.

🌳2x the size of France

of natural land are destroyed annually to produce food that's going directly to the bin in the US only.

💰Approximately $1,200 thrown away annually

by a family of 4 in the US. More than 80% are because of being mislead by expiration dates.


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